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SV306 — Nelson Dionne Collection. View of "Dr. Saunders Mansion," as listed on the back: "My home, Dr. Saunders Mansion. In the centennial time (1876) or 1 years or 2 before it."

The home appears to have been the residence of William Saunders, who is listed in 1876 as a veterinary surgeon at 5 Buffum Street. Robert J. Saunders, also a veterinary surgeon, is listed with house at 6 Barr (behind 5 Buffum) and an office at 5 Buffum from 1878 on. From the 1874 atlas, the home in view appears to be at 5 Buffum with stables.

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Salem, North Salem, Buffum Street, Houses, William Saunders

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