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SV292 — Nelson Dionne Collection. View looking south toward the Eastern Railroad depot from Washington Street. A trolley car can be seen to the right while horses and carriages are on the left (along with a sign for Calef's Tea & Coffee Warehouse), and the cobblestones on the street are visible.

Published by Charles A. Beckford, 141 Essex Street, Salem, Mass., c. 1868-70.

Built in 1847, the Salem Depot, with a stone facade resembling a medieval castle, stood for over a century before being demolished in 1954-55; at the same time, a new railroad tunnel was built under the site. The site is now occupied by the intersection of Washington and New Derby Street, along with Riley Plaza.

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Salem, Railroads, Eastern Railroad, E.R.R., E.R.R. Depot, Salem Depot, Washington Street, John Calef

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