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SV282 — Nelson Dionne Collection. View taken at an event for the Salem Independent Cadets showing members of the cadets meeting with influential Massachusetts military figures of the civil war along with a member of the press. Circa 1880.

Labelled From Right to Left:

1. Brigadier General William Cogswell

2. Major A.P. Browne

3. [Unknown]

4. Major Johnson

5. [Unknown]

6. Major General Benjamin Butler

7. [Unknown]

8. [Unknown]

9. General Lawrence

10. Major Foster

11. Sutton

12. Lieutenant Edward Hobbs

13. [Unknown]

14. Captain Huton [?]

15. Bryant (representing The Boston Journal)

16. Colonel Shatswell 1st FCA [?]

17. [Unknown]

18. Captain Browning

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Backside, with labeling.


Salem, Military, Salem Independent Cadets, Benjamin Butler, William Cogswell, A.P. Browne, Edward Hobbs