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SV282 — Nelson Dionne Collection. View taken at an event for the Salem Independent Cadets showing members of the cadets meeting with influential Massachusetts military figures of the American Civil War, along with a member of the press.

Labelled From Right to Left:

1. Brigadier General William Cogswell

2. Major A.P. Browne

3. [Unknown]

4. Major Johnson

5. [Unknown]

6. Major General Benjamin Butler

7. [Unknown]

8. [Unknown]

9. General Lawrence

10. Major Foster

11. Sutton

12. Lieutenant Edward Hobbs

13. [Unknown]

14. Captain Huton [?]

15. Bryant (representing The Boston Journal)

16. Colonel Shatswell 1st FCA [?]

17. [Unknown]

18. Captain Browning

Creator/publisher unknown, c. 1880.

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Backside, with labeling.


Salem, Military, Salem Independent Cadets, Benjamin Butler, William Cogswell, A.P. Browne, Edward Hobbs