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SV234 — Nelson Dionne Collection. View from the ground to the northeast of the Roger Williams Church, (later known as the Quaker Meeting House), located behind Plummer Hall on the grounds of the Essex Institute.

Description from back: "First Church built in Salem. Erected in 1634—now preserved as a relic, in rear of Plummer Hall."

Published "expressly for" Guy & Bros. at 163 Essex Street in "Salem and Vicinity," c. 1872., it seems by Cook & Friend, according to the back. However, the view is the same as one by G.K. Proctor, c. 1868-72, and probably derives from him.

Today, the structure is extant but no longer is situated at this exact spot, which is now a parking lot, and it has been moved slightly to the northeast and rotated 90 degrees.

View is the same as SV230 and SV233.

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Salem, Relics, Churches, Roger Williams, Quaker Meeting House

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