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SV201 — Nelson Dionne Collection. View, from the front, of the First Baptist Church as it stood at 56 Federal Street with its Federal tower built in 1827.

Creator unknown, c. 1870-80s.

Written anonymously on the back is the following: "First Baptist Church on Federal St. Salem. The old interior before altering, Mr. Mills then pastor. The home of youth, went there when 18 years old, joined when 24."

Today, the building is extant but no longer stands at 56 Federal; the oldest part of the church, dating to 1805, was moved at the end of 2008 to a new location at the corner of North and Essex Streets to be used as a law library for the J. Michael Ruane Judicial Center. Source: Salem Links & Lore

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Salem, First Baptist Church, Federal Street, Mr. Mills

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