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SV179 — Nelson Dionne Collection. Stereographic card displaying the old Witch House at the corner of Essex and North Streets, which was the home of the presiding Judge Jonathan Corwin (or Curwin) during the 1692 Witch Trials. Included is a view of the 1631-built Witch House as it was believed to appear during the time of the witch trials.

Below the view, the description reads, "At the office of the Clerk of the Courts, at Salem, may be seen any of the original documents pertaining to the celebrated trials for witchcraft, together with a number of pins &c., which were produced in evidence of these trials."

The backside of the card lists several anecdotes regarding the witchcraft trials, along with the since-disproved but much touted connection between Roger Williams and the Witch House.

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Backside, with accompanying information regarding the 1692 Witch Trials.


Salem, Witch House, Jonathan Corwin, Roger Williams, Essex Street, North Street

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