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SV-154 — Nelson Dionne Collection. View looking at the East India Hall, the home of the Peabody Academy of Science, from the non-extant corner of Essex and St Peter Street.

On the bottom floor of the hall, the storefronts of the Naumkeag National Bank and Thomas B. Nichols & Co. drugstore are visible. Also visible, to the right of the hall, is "The Patheonian," a furnishing and crockery store owned by Guy & Brothers at 163 Essex Street.

Published by Peabody & Tilton, 220 Essex Street, Salem, Mass., c. 1874-78. The presence of Guy & Bros. in the view dates the images themselves to c. 1868-72, when they were operational.

View is the same as SV-156, published solely by John P. Tilton.

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Salem, East India Marine Hall, Marine Hall, Peabody Academy, Essex Street

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