Undaunted, Salem State University upholds the long tradition of celebrating student and faculty scholarship and creative activities this year. Research Day 2020 is virtual!

On May 4th, Research Day 2020 recreated this vibrant tradition on-line with the help of the Library and Digital Commons! As always, the day will "begin" with Provost David Silva addressing the students and faculty who have participated. For Provost Silva’s 2020 Address, view the introductory remarks.

Please dive into the rich array of thought-provoking and engaging posters, presentations, and performances from the Undergraduate Symposium and the Faculty & Graduate Student Symposium. You can engage with and encourage the student participants by leaving comments between May 4th and May 10th. The new format allows plenty of time to revisit your favorites and gives you time to visit all contributions.

When you are done, stop by the Faculty Publication Celebration to learn about the variety of topics on which SSU faculty published in the previous calendar year, 2019.

Browse the contents of Research Day 2020:

Introductory Remarks
Undergraduate Presentations
Undergraduate Posters
Undergraduate Performances
Graduate & Faculty Presentations
Graduate & Faculty Posters