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Saturday, April 10th
12:00 PM

Journal Club Utilization as a Means of Implementing Evidence-Based Research to Pediatric Occupational Therapy Practice

Amanda Borges

Evidence-based practice (EBP) is a key component of occupational therapy (OT) treatment, including pediatric settings (AOTA, 2019). The overall utilization of EBP to guide treatment is low across all practice...

12:00 PM

Nature-based Interventions in Occupational Therapy

Jackie Parseghian

Nature-based activities have been shown to improve physical health, psychological wellbeing, and functional performance. Yet despite evidence on the psychophysiological benefits of these activities, few studies have been done on...

12:00 PM

Occupational Therapy and Chronic Pelvic Pain

Kathleen Arregoces Naze

This presentation will explore how occupational therapy practitioners are addressing the needs of those with chronic pelvic pain. The International Pelvic Pain Society (2019) estimates 25 million women (individuals with...

12:00 PM

The Current Use of Animal-Assisted Therapy by Occupational Therapy Practitioners

Kimberly Neubert

This study collected data on the following question: How is animal-assisted therapy (AAT) currently being used amongst occupational therapy practitioners (OTP) in New England? While research demonstrates the efficacy of...

12:00 PM