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Saturday, April 10th
12:00 PM

How is Trauma-Informed-Care Being Used By Occupational Therapy Professionals In Mental Health Settings?

Stacie Pierce

This qualitative and quantitative study was compiled from occupational therapists from across the country to identify their current practices of trauma-informed care. The results of this research showed that although...

12:00 PM

How Psychological and Cognitive Symptoms of an Eating Disorder Impact Individual Roles

Emily Stanley

The purpose of this study is to understand how psychological and cognitive symptoms of an eating disorder impact individuals throughout their recovery process. This researcher hopes to understand how these...

12:00 PM

Social Engagement in the Adult Day Service Setting

Mike Boulay

This is a survey-based, exploratory research study that aims to identify the quality, frequency, and types of social participation opportunities offered to individuals with developmental disabilities, severe mobility deficits, and...

12:00 PM

The Effects of Sensory-Enhanced Yoga® on Reducing Trauma Symptoms in Individuals with Substance Use Disorder

Sadie Crane

Substance use disorder has a major functional impact on an individual’s well-being. Addiction becomes a major role, and everyday routines focus on seeking and using drugs. Substance use disorder has...

12:00 PM