Welcome to the 18th annual Occupational Therapy Graduate Student Research Conference! This year, with the help of the Salem State University Library and Digital Commons, we have reimagined how we connect our innovative student research projects with our wider Salem State and Occupational Therapy communities. While 2020 brought about an unprecedented year, 2021 finds our students looking forward to a bright future shaped by their resilience and passion for all things Occupational Therapy.

We welcome Virginia Spielmann, ABD, MSOT, Executive Director of the STAR Institute for Sensory Health & Wellness, as our keynote speaker. Ms. Spielmann shares her insights and experiences with Reflective Practice. After viewing the keynote address, please explore the student research projects below and engage with the student presenters by leaving comments between April 17th and April 24th. Presentations can be accessed asynchronously, giving you time and flexibility to view all content on your own schedule.

Registration for contact hours closed on April 30, 2021.

In lieu of a registration fee, the graduating class of 2021 has selected a number of community organizations that have played a meaningful role in their growth as future OT practitioners. Please consider donating to one or more of these valuable community partners!

Thank you for joining us in celebrating the hard work and achievements of the Occupational Therapy Graduate class of 2021!

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