Degree Type

Thesis (Campus Access Only)

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science (BS)

Date Information

May 2016



First Advisor

Paul Green


Adolph Hitler and Vladimir Putin are just two political leaders who have utilized the power of propaganda in order to benefit their career ambitions. Others such as Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump have also built an almost cult following behind them of supporters who can, in some cases, wind up committing brutal acts of terror under their leadership, like the SS officers who worked in Hitler's concentration camps. This paper analyzes the methods in which Putin and Hitler came to power and provides insight on other leaders whose actions allow me to draw parallels between them and Hitler. The aim of this paper is not to say that Putin is the next Hitler, but rather to synthesize and draw parallels between political leaders through the commonalities in their employed propagandas and to show that danger can sometimes lurk in the shadows. What I have found in committing to this thesis is that there are almost endless similarities between powerful men and women and Hitler, which has led me to decide that this will be the first draft of what will end up being a more comprehensive work including more political figures and groups such as ISIS. My intention is that this cautionary tale can be appreciated by the public as a written work that will force readers to think more critically about the information they get from their media sources. I also offer this thesis as a prime example for why we should always remember our history because if we don't, we will inevitably repeat it.