Klausa Topi

Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)


Accounting and Finance

First Advisor

Sanjay Jain


This research paper gives a detailed analysis of semi-strong form of market efficiency when there are being used Active vs Passive portfolio strategies. This study shows if the market can be outperformed through the comparison of the returns of two portfolios with 20 stocks each. On a daily basis, market efficiency, through the semi-strong form, provides investors and all market participants with the same information and prices which respond respectively to the information given in any market. At this moment no one will have the possibility to outperform and profit anyone, given the same tools. Market efficiency won't allow investors to make a profit above the average because it gives them the opportunity to be rational and make reasonable choices. Both portfolios used to conduct this study were created through Bloomberg Terminals for a period of 12 weeks. Active portfolio stocks are chosen through an extensive analysis in detail as how the market was performing and what stocks were predicted to have the greatest return. On the other hand, the passive portfolio stocks were chosen not through an extensive analysis but are expected to have returns as closely as it can be possible. Each portfolio has equity indices; these portfolios will be compared with the market index for better insights and understanding. This study indicates if market is outperformed, or if market is efficient as well as will give the answer to questions like how market efficiency affects the economy, how would the economy be better off.