Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

Date Information

May 2020


Theatre and Speech Communication

First Advisor

Michael Harvey


One crucial job of the theatrical world is the stage manager, acting as a facilitator and hub of communication for the entirety of the production from the beginning to the end of its process. The knowledge of what the all-encompassing job that a stage manager performs is not common knowledge outside of the small world of theatre. I will document all of the time that I spent working on the spring 2020 production of Bedroom Farce, as directed by Celena Sky April, and compile the data into graphs. Following each section of the process, I will look over the collected times and break down what the work that is being done is and what it leads to in the show as a whole. The project includes graphics to easily visualize how time within a part of production is broken down, paperwork from the production, and analyses of the six parts of the production. The production was broken down into six parts in order to look more closely at each period of time focusing on what takes place during each phase of production. The purpose is to closely look at the amount of time being spent by a student on a singular show in college theatre. This amount of time is generally undervalued by those in the theatre world and completely unknown by those outside of theatre. This project intends to educate about the work that goes into a commonly unheard-of job in the theatre.