Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)

Date Information

May 2020



First Advisor

John Scrimgeour


Starry-Eyed Grounded-Feet: A Sci-Fi Collection, consists of two stories. In the first story “The Window between Me and the Night Sky,” Anna Marie’s routine is disrupted by genius rebel, Margot. Margot’s unfiltered views on life draw out Anna Marie from her self-imposed placid way of life. This story shows how on-campus college culture acts as little more then a boarding school and in sheltering students does little to prepare them for the vastness of the life post school.

The second story, “The Book of Cathleen Rose,” follows Cathleen ‘Cathy’ Rose. Cathy’s life is thrown off-kilter after people from another planet appear. From PTSD as a result for the alarm and shifting reality their presence brought to the realization that there is a Cathleen Rose on their world – a long dead author who lived a miserable life. Cathy then makes drastic decisions to get out of a life path she had fallen into passively. “The Book of Cathleen Rose,” reflects on the rigidness of college and career paths that don’t reflect the many different ways life can branch off.