Watanya Felt

Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science (BS)

Date Information

May 2020


Criminal Justice

First Advisor

Paul Tucker


Colleges and Universities alike can make it quite difficult for someone looking to report an instance or multiple instances of sexual misconduct. Often students who do report are faced with/subjected to humiliation, disapproval, or even reprehension. A component of my thesis work was the ongoing development of a website. This website hopes to shed some light on this prevalent issue and increase the awareness of the growing rate of sexual assault on both college and university campuses, while ultimately changing future practices when it comes to dealing with instances of sexual misconduct at that level. The most unique part of this website is that it is completely anonymous, so anything shared by users is free of sensitive and or personally identifiable information. The written portion of this thesis seeks to provide more insight into the developmental processes of this digital component and in addition, provide a well-attuned explanation for much of the decision making behind the finalized product. The primary sources used in my research and website development include an array of scholarly sources, primary statistical sources, academic journals, and documentaries.