Shaima Azam

Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)

Date Information

May 2020


Business Administration

First Advisor

Robert Daniell


This thesis details the steps necessary to successfully start a mobile restaurant operation (food truck) in the greater Boston area. A primary issue to consider before starting this business venture is the permitting process and what permits are necessary to operate a food truck. As such, a business plan will be required in order to be able to obtain the permits. Along with the business plan, a detailed marketing section illustrating the brand for the business is needed. The marketing plan will include a mission statement or a “why” page to include in our marketing. The vision for this section is to craft a statement that customers can associate our business with; telling the story of my family’s culture, why we pursued the business and emphasizing the importance of food and family. Another primary consideration is where to buy a food truck, how much capital is required, and determining costs of all the necessary renovations. There are many potentially overwhelming steps to starting a food truck, but this thesis will break those steps down into manageable sections to create a comprehensive plan to follow in order to successfully open a competitive and appealing food truck business in the Greater Boston Area.