Kaylee D'Eon

Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

Date Information

May 2020



First Advisor

Ryan Fisher


Forensic biology is an area which analyzes forms of evidence such as hair or blood and more. These tasks are so critical when it comes to looking at a crime scene and trying to figure out what happened during a case.

Another important aspect of forensic biology is the other work being done at body farms. Not many people know body farms exist especially if you live along the seacoast because a greater portion of the body farms are in the middle of the United States. The main point of body farms is to construct different scenes that can occur at a crime scene and see how the body can react differently to decomposition process in comparison to other crime scenes. Seeing these differences is so crucial because it allows crime scene investigators to be able to analyze a crime scene and see if a body has been moved or tell if there is something different that normally wouldn’t be. This is going to be due to all the work and research that the people on the body farms do. This may seem like a never-ending process and so much work for those working on these body farms but the impact they make is unbelievable.

Forensic entomology studies the type of insects that take part in the decomposition of cadavers. This part is the most important part that takes place because it is fool proof. The bugs tell you all the truth you need to know because each insect stays for its own important part of decomposition. Therefore, paying attention and looking closely at a decomposing body is so important due to the fact that we can tell how long the body has been decomposing for due to which insect is present.

Forensics is such a huge part of the world we all live in today and whether you choose to be a part of it or watch it from the sidelines is up to you.

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Biology Commons