Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Date Information

May 2019


Theatre and Speech Communication

First Advisor

Julie Kiernan


Contemplative Strategies are teaching methods used to increase student focus, deepen awareness, and create personal connections to the subjects they are studying. Activities such as breathing and meditation deepen learning and have the ability to allow students to learn emotional regulation, increase reflection and empathy, thus opening student’s ability see themselves as an integral part of learning. Contemplative strategies are beneficial to the theater classroom and are also a universally beneficial form of education regardless of content or age group.

In this thesis, the research of the theory, practice, current trends, and resources of contemplative pedagogy aids in the creation of a theater classroom unit plan. This unit plan is a segment of curriculum which implements various contemplative pedagogy to provide students with a more empathetic, safe environment where students can advocate for their individuality. Via the use of guided meditation and theatrical warm-ups, students will expand their own relationship with themselves and use this knowledge as the door way to create a performance piece that connects to their identity and their personal world.