Vitae, Vix Humane, The Resonance Of Machine Intelligence: Implications For Now And Into The Future For The World Of The Orthodox Human

Victoria Plummer, Salem State University


As technology has made its way into our hearts and homes, we’ve developed an insurmountable dependency on its effectiveness. Through technology, we can come far closer to our perceived effectiveness, whatever that may be, than with our human spectrum-- riddled with mistakes and errant processes. When electricity came into our world, it enabled globalization and triggered an inventive revolution far quicker than anything seen before in human history ( This was first a phenomenon, followed by a reluctantly accepted truth, and now an expectation to adhere to the new changes of a technologically advanced society. With the presence of the internet, we have created something that had never existed before-- measurable, interconnected online data, and the new trigger to the technological revolution: Artificial Intelligence (A.I). The impact of A.I for the average, societally developed nation is expected to be immense, and just like electricity, a complete change of basic life expectation. This thesis will review the current developing state of A.I (which may be much farther on its way than suspected by the majority of the public) and just how immersed in human life it is going to be. Intelligence can be implemented just about everywhere and it certainly will be in our developmental timeline. Installations of A.I will be around us, among us and within us, and the original separators from human intelligence may not be as vast an idea as originally thought, even on paper. The term and title of this work, Vitae, Vix Humane means in Latin, “Live, Scarcely Human,” encompasses what most of the ongoing Machine Learning Projects intend to make us do in the imminent future.