Emma Gelinas

Degree Type

Thesis (Campus Access Only)

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Date Information

May 2014


Art + Design

First Advisor

Richard Lewis


Have you ever really looked at the shapes that make up the world around you? Have you ever noticed that your life is made up of repetitive forms that create a rhythm? This collection of photographs focuses closely on objects to show the repetition of life. Each photograph is taken in a way that highlights the small details of objects. Objects that you may see everyday, but may have never looked at in this way before.

The "Finer Things in Life" is a collection of original photographs that are presented in a coffee table book. This book encompasses my photographic style. There is order, geometry, and repetition. These photographs utilize the elements and principles of design to create intriguing compositions that focuses the viewer's attention on the small details, or the finer things in life.