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Bachelor of Arts (BA)

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Kevin Carey

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GNEISS (pronounced nice) is a 23 min short film. It tells the story of Gneiss and his relocation. Gneiss after spending a nondescript amount of time at his grandmother's house in New Mexico moves with his mother, Mary, to a suburban home in Salem. During the trip Gneiss finds a stone he is inexplicably drawn to. Despite pleas from his emotionally distant mother to connect with him, he instead worships the stone. Missing class and isolating himself three weeks go by then Gneiss has an emotionally charged fight with his Mother about her leaving after his Dad died. As Gneiss packs a bag to run away the stone consumes his attention entirely and Gneiss vanishes. GNEISS is an adaptation and expansion of a previous work I made. The 20 page script was written over a semester with Kevin Carey as the faculty advisor. Then the following semester I shot the movie with actors Peter Keefe as Gneiss and Macey Jennings as Mary. I edited the movie after filming. A premiere was held April 30th to an Audience of around 30 people.

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Philosophy Commons