Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

Date Information

May 2017


Theatre and Speech Communication

First Advisor

Michael M. Harvey


This project is a documentation of the process of executing the lighting design for Salem State Theatre’s production of The Seagull, written by Anton Chekhov and translated by Tom Stoppard. It was directed by Professor William Cunningham, and opened in the Callan Studio Theatre in December 2016. The director’s concept for The Seagull was to show how the play was really about a story with a lot of love. Within this goal of showing how Chekhov’s characters pursue love, the objective of the lighting design was to highlight the themes of time and nature through focusing on supporting the environment and creating the atmosphere of the forest and lake. In addition to period and environmental research, the design was heavily influenced by the mood landscapes of Russian painter Isaac Levitan. This project will include a concept paper, script analysis, visual research, sketching, a lighting key, a plot with electrics paperwork, magic and cue sheets, and production photos which will highlight the way I was able to visually represent the motifs of time and nature. Through the creation of my design concept, I was able to support the world of the play and provide a sense of clarity to my storytelling.