Degree Type

Thesis (Campus Access Only)

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)

Date Information

May 2016



First Advisor

John McArdle


This is a study on how student veterans at Salem State University have been able to overcome challenges they have faced in college using the leadership skills they acquired during their service in the military. I conducted a qualitative inquiry by interviewing 4 student veterans who are currently attending Salem State University. These interviews were between 15 and 25 minutes in length and were composed of semi-structured, open ended questions involving military experience, college experience, challenges faced in college, and leadership. After conducting these interviews and analyzing the data, I found that this group of student veterans who attend Salem State University do in fact use leadership skills acquired in the military to cope with challenges. I conducted this study, because it is important that the community be aware of what positive skills student veterans have, as well as the leadership skills they are equipped with to overcome challenges. From this study I was able to find that this group of student veterans who attend Salem State University use several leadership skills to help them succeed in college and overcome challenges: self-discipline, self-confidence, endurance, determination, drive, respect, and positivity. Understanding what leadership skills these students have used to cope with difficulties they faced is significant, because it helps the university and community at large see what positive skills they have. It also can help with improving services for veterans on campus, by supporting them in using these skills in beneficial and productive ways, as in coming up with methods to get more veterans involved in events and to be overall successful. As the group of participants was small, further research should be done in order to have a more conclusive understanding of veterans at Salem State University.