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Between 1840 and 1930, approximately one million French-Canadians immigrated to the United States, the vast majority settling in New England. In Southbridge, Massachusetts a century ago, when state representative Félix Gatineau published his important chronicle of the town’s Franco-American community, French-speaking immigrants and their American-born children represented 60% of the town’s population. Gatineau’s History of Franco-Americans of Southbridge, Massachusetts, originally written in French in 1919, translated into English by Dr. Elizabeth Blood, offers a glimpse of what life was like for French-Canadians in Southbridge one hundred years ago, highlighting the role that the French-Canadian community played in establishing the town’s many political, cultural, business, and religious institutions and offering insight into the fascinating character of Félix Gatineau, himself.

Originally written in French by Félix Gatineau and published by Lakeview Press (Framingham, Massachusetts) in 1919.

Translated from French by Dr. Elizabeth Blood, Salem State University.

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History of the Franco-Americans of Southbridge, Massachusetts

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